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Main Course

Vegan San Choy Bau

I’m ethnically Chinese, so my family and I often frequent Chinese restaurants! Growing up, Peking duck used to be one of my favourite dishes to have at Chinese restaurants, and I love it especially when they used the meat, stir-fried it with other veggies and wrapped it in lettuce cups! These are called San Choy Bau, and is basically a stir-fry wrapped in lettuce. Of course, things are quite different now, but I wanted to recreate a vegan-friendly version of that dish. Or at least something that comes close to it!

In this recipe, I replaced the duck with tofu! Firm tofu is best in this recipe. Also, I like to freeze my drained tofu before I use it, and then thaw it overnight so that it’ll lose some of it’s water content in the thawing process. I added in little kenyan beans (you can substitute with fine green beans) for a little crunchiness and added veggies in the stir-fry! When serving, you can also added sliced cucumber if you wish.

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