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Sweet Treats

Red Velvet Cookies

Sorry I’ve been absent from here for a while, I had exams going on! But as promised, here is one of my favourite recipes – red velvet cookies.

Red velvet was always one of my favourite flavours from when I was young. I’m not sure about you, but here in Singapore, most red velvet cakes are artificially coloured. In order to achieve that beautiful, deep red colour, I used beetroot powder (which is what is supposed to be in red velvet anyway – not any artificial nasties!), and a little bit of cacao powder for the flavour!

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Sweet Treats

Coconut Pandan Tarts

I’ve been wanting to showcase some local Singaporean flavours in my recipes. In this recipe, it’s going to be pandan!

Growing up, one of my favourite spreads to put on my slice of toast was kaya. Kaya is made from pandan leaves, coconut cream, eggs and a lot of sugar. I love how to the coconut and pandan flavours come together to create the deliciously smooth and silky kaya spread, and so I wanted to play around with this and make it into a tart!

I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried an egg tart, or a soybean tart (the one at Selegie Road used to be my favourite! My mom would always buy those for me), but that was the inspiration behind this recipe.

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Main Course

Vegan San Choy Bau

I’m ethnically Chinese, so my family and I often frequent Chinese restaurants! Growing up, Peking duck used to be one of my favourite dishes to have at Chinese restaurants, and I love it especially when they used the meat, stir-fried it with other veggies and wrapped it in lettuce cups! These are called San Choy Bau, and is basically a stir-fry wrapped in lettuce. Of course, things are quite different now, but I wanted to recreate a vegan-friendly version of that dish. Or at least something that comes close to it!

In this recipe, I replaced the duck with tofu! Firm tofu is best in this recipe. Also, I like to freeze my drained tofu before I use it, and then thaw it overnight so that it’ll lose some of it’s water content in the thawing process. I added in little kenyan beans (you can substitute with fine green beans) for a little crunchiness and added veggies in the stir-fry! When serving, you can also added sliced cucumber if you wish.

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