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Main Course

Japanese-Inspired Quinoa “Fried Rice”

This recipe is actually a result of a failed experiment! I had wanted to make a patty out of the mix, but it fell apart. It still tasted SO good, and so I decided I would deconstruct the whole recipe and turn it into this “Fried Rice” style recipe!

In this “fried rice”, there’s quinoa, soy beans, edamame, AND tofu. So you can imagine that it’s absolutely packed with plant proteins!

I love the flavours in this one – it’s full of Japanese ingredients, and it’s so full of that umami flavour.

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Favourites/ Main Course/ Recipe

Bento Box Idea: Miso and Sake Yakisoba

The school year is going to begin soon (sadly)! I wanted to put together more on-the-go-friendly, and easy to prepare meals for all my college and working friendos out there!

I’ve recently been making more Asian-style food for myself, and I LOVE noodles. As a kid, noodles were a staple in my household, and we often throw together very nutritious and nourishing noodle soups for a quick dinner or lunch.

Quorn vegan fillets was something I chanced upon when I was on one of my grocery runs. The company had set up a tasting booth in my local supermarket. When I tried it, I was pleasantly surprised! While I don’t often eat meat (and I don’t think you should have it TOO often), I wanted to try it out in one of my meals, and this so happened to be it. If you’re not vegan or would like to substitute some other form of protein, go ahead and try it out!

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