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Introduction to the Glycemic Index

When I was first started paying more attention to my health, I remember reading many articles encouraging those who were watching their weight to consume foods that have a lower glycemic index (GI). 

Most of us are probably familiar with what foods are considered low GI or high GI. If you scroll through your instagram feed, you’ll probably see your favourite health and fitness influencers creating recipes featuring low GI foods. This is probably because these foods are touted for their weight loss properties. But have you wondered what the glycemic index is? And how is it related to your health? Does it actually have any impact on you at all?


The glycemic index measures the rate at which a food increases sugar levels in the blood. It was created by Dr David Jenkins as a helpful dietary tool for the management of diabetes and dyslipidemia. The glycemic index is applied to foods that contain carbohydrates (e.g. rice, legumes, pasta, bread, etc.), and used to understand how they affect our blood sugar levels.

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