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Main Course

Japanese-Inspired Quinoa “Fried Rice”

This recipe is actually a result of a failed experiment! I had wanted to make a patty out of the mix, but it fell apart. It still tasted SO good, and so I decided I would deconstruct the whole recipe and turn it into this “Fried Rice” style recipe!

In this “fried rice”, there’s quinoa, soy beans, edamame, AND tofu. So you can imagine that it’s absolutely packed with plant proteins!

I love the flavours in this one – it’s full of Japanese ingredients, and it’s so full of that umami flavour.

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Favourites/ Main Course/ Recipe

Bento Box Idea: Miso and Sake Yakisoba

The school year is going to begin soon (sadly)! I wanted to put together more on-the-go-friendly, and easy to prepare meals for all my college and working friendos out there!

I’ve recently been making more Asian-style food for myself, and I LOVE noodles. As a kid, noodles were a staple in my household, and we often throw together very nutritious and nourishing noodle soups for a quick dinner or lunch.

Quorn vegan fillets was something I chanced upon when I was on one of my grocery runs. The company had set up a tasting booth in my local supermarket. When I tried it, I was pleasantly surprised! While I don’t often eat meat (and I don’t think you should have it TOO often), I wanted to try it out in one of my meals, and this so happened to be it. If you’re not vegan or would like to substitute some other form of protein, go ahead and try it out!

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Education/ Favourites/ Nutrition

Introduction to the Glycemic Index

When I was first started paying more attention to my health, I remember reading many articles encouraging those who were watching their weight to consume foods that have a lower glycemic index (GI). 

Most of us are probably familiar with what foods are considered low GI or high GI. If you scroll through your instagram feed, you’ll probably see your favourite health and fitness influencers creating recipes featuring low GI foods. This is probably because these foods are touted for their weight loss properties. But have you wondered what the glycemic index is? And how is it related to your health? Does it actually have any impact on you at all?


The glycemic index measures the rate at which a food increases sugar levels in the blood. It was created by Dr David Jenkins as a helpful dietary tool for the management of diabetes and dyslipidemia. The glycemic index is applied to foods that contain carbohydrates (e.g. rice, legumes, pasta, bread, etc.), and used to understand how they affect our blood sugar levels.

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Breakfast/ Favourites

Chocolate Orange Marble Loaf

I’ve been having slices of this loaf for breakfast every day this past week! Sometimes I’ve had another slice for tea in the afternoon… heh.

It might look like there’s a lot of instructions in the recipe, but it’s really simple to make! I think it’s perfect to make over the weekend, store in the fridge and eat over the week. So it’s great if you need something really quick to grab and eat in the morning.

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Favourites/ Snacks

Raspberry Macadamia & Chocolate Muffins

These muffins are probably my favourite recipe I’ve created to date! They’re so nutritious – packed full with the goodness of raspberries and macadamias, and my favourite vegan dark chocolate too.

If there’s anything you create this weekend, let it be this one! My mom has declared these muffins her favourite creation of mine so far, and even the non-vegan boyfriend loves them too.

The best thing about this recipe is that you can have it for breakfast or as a snack (sometimes I have two in a day heh). They’re oil-free too, so I used a homemade applesauce to keep the muffins moist!

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Sweet Treats

Red Velvet Cookies

Sorry I’ve been absent from here for a while, I had exams going on! But as promised, here is one of my favourite recipes – red velvet cookies.

Red velvet was always one of my favourite flavours from when I was young. I’m not sure about you, but here in Singapore, most red velvet cakes are artificially coloured. In order to achieve that beautiful, deep red colour, I used beetroot powder (which is what is supposed to be in red velvet anyway – not any artificial nasties!), and a little bit of cacao powder for the flavour!

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Sweet Treats

Coconut Pandan Tarts

I’ve been wanting to showcase some local Singaporean flavours in my recipes. In this recipe, it’s going to be pandan!

Growing up, one of my favourite spreads to put on my slice of toast was kaya. Kaya is made from pandan leaves, coconut cream, eggs and a lot of sugar. I love how to the coconut and pandan flavours come together to create the deliciously smooth and silky kaya spread, and so I wanted to play around with this and make it into a tart!

I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried an egg tart, or a soybean tart (the one at Selegie Road used to be my favourite! My mom would always buy those for me), but that was the inspiration behind this recipe.

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Main Course

Vegan San Choy Bau

I’m ethnically Chinese, so my family and I often frequent Chinese restaurants! Growing up, Peking duck used to be one of my favourite dishes to have at Chinese restaurants, and I love it especially when they used the meat, stir-fried it with other veggies and wrapped it in lettuce cups! These are called San Choy Bau, and is basically a stir-fry wrapped in lettuce. Of course, things are quite different now, but I wanted to recreate a vegan-friendly version of that dish. Or at least something that comes close to it!

In this recipe, I replaced the duck with tofu! Firm tofu is best in this recipe. Also, I like to freeze my drained tofu before I use it, and then thaw it overnight so that it’ll lose some of it’s water content in the thawing process. I added in little kenyan beans (you can substitute with fine green beans) for a little crunchiness and added veggies in the stir-fry! When serving, you can also added sliced cucumber if you wish.

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Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

This is one of my favourite cookie recipes! I find them SO delicious, and they’re packed full of wholesome ingredients. I make these frequently to bring with me to school (because I need a treat every now and then to keep me awake during lectures, you know?). My non-vegan friends love these cookies too!

The raspberries in the raspberry sauce give it a tartness, which complements the chocolate perfectly (berries and chocolate are the best combination! But look out for my chocolate ginger cookies…).

I really hope you enjoy this one! The cookie is fudgey and soft, and I think it’s just the perfect treat! Let me know what you think!

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Sunset “Cheesecakes”

These vegan “cheesecakes” were quite a hit among my friends! They have a tropical coconut flavour, but also have a citrus-y aftertaste because of the addition of lemon juice.

These are actually pretty sweet, and they make for a decadent treat (i.e. have it in moderation!). I would probably make these for a dinner party, to treat family and friends to some vegan desserts! However, I probably wouldn’t make these to bring to school as they’d melt haha. I love how these look and taste!

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