Hello and thank you for visiting my humble corner of the internet! I’m Emily, a medical student, foodie and health enthusiast based in Singapore. While my days are occupied by my studies, I always try to set time aside to research about different nutrition-related health issues, to create nourishing and easy-to-make recipes, and also to photograph them in an, hopefully, -aesthetic- manner.

As a medical student, I am deeply passionate about health and maximising this through our lifestyle – including physical activity, nutrition, habits, stress management and social aspects. However, nutrition and lifestyle in relation to health is not something that is often taught in medical school. We learn about the physiology of disease, anatomy and biochemistry, but we’re equipped minimally with the tools to empower patients through lifestyle.

I have a deep interest in dietetics, nutrition, lifestyle medicine and public health. I’m a strong believer that prevention is better than cure. In our current day and age, the number of people suffering from non-communicable diseases is on the rise. A lot of this is preventable through proper nutrition and physical activity. Education is so important to allow individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles, so that they can thrive!

I first created my instagram account as a creative outlet; to share the plant-based recipes I’ve created, to keep myself accountable in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through my diet and exercise. However, I realised I wanted to do more with the platform – to reach out and help others understand the benefits of cultivating a healthy lifestyle. To help others see why it is not only beneficial, but vital to improve health through our lifestyles. I hope to spread this message not only to my peers or my patients in the future when I become a practicing doctor, but to those outside the hospital as well.

The majority of the recipes I share are plant-based because I believe that everyone can benefit from consuming more fruits and veggies! Populations generally have a lack of fibre in their diets, and that is such a loss because consuming more fibre, and the other nutrients that come with it when you eat fruits and vegetables, bring so many positive health outcomes! That’s why most of the recipes you’ll see on the blog are plant-based – so hopefully you’ll be inspired with more creative ideas on how to eat the rainbow in your daily life.

I try to create recipes that are easy to put together because as a student, I know it can be difficult to set aside time to cook up a storm. While I love being in the kitchen, during the school term, there’s simply no time! I hope that you’ll be able to get inspiration of lunchbox and on-the-go meals, so that you can incorporate a quick meal prep session into your weekly routine!


  • Cake baking and decorating (most of the cakes I bake are vegan – check them out here)
  • Pottery
  • Hitting the gym (my favourite workout guides are from Natacha Oceane)
  • Barre (I hope I can someday be as graceful as a dancer haha)
  • Design